Hey! I'm Ollie and I'm a PHP developer

For 7 years I've been helping companies take projects from ideas & concepts all the way through to release, as both an employee and a contractor.

But what do I do?

Since mid 2013 I've been working with agencies providing development services, from helping split the load to planning, coding and deploying. Up until now, I've been doing this under my own personal brand, as a freelancer.

Ollie's lab is the next step for me, branching out and creating a new brand, working directly with end clients and other contractors to cover all aspects, and slowly expand and grow into a fully functioning entity of its own.

What can I do for you?

If you've got a project, a concept or an idea that you'd like to take to the next stage, I can help!

I'll help take your idea and expand it into a fully functioning product. Using my skills and experience I'll help you spec out, develop and release your product, advising on the best methods and options all the way through.

Interested? Want to know more?

Drop me an email!